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Related post: Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 16:50:02 EST From: Subject: Reese and DeweyWARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. If this sort of thing offends you then what the hell are you doing reading Nifty/Gay. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL. You must be above the Age of Consent in your particular area of the planet to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that anyway.These are stories of youth and boys and once again they are FICTIONAL.Another point: I teens nude preteen like to write on behalf of the boys but you must realise if they sound a bit smartarse and over world weary at times that is me coming through. If they sound as thick as a plank... that's them.Finally: Enjoy. If you have spare please donate a little cash preteen vombat to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY free and keep NIFTY alive. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE CharactersI was going to apologise to Reese, preteen supermodels bbc little Dewey and Malcolm but as they're fictional characters there didn't seem much point.REESE AND DEWEYbyG.CutterReese lay on his bed and smiled, it was the height of summer, the schools were on holiday and he had time on his hands. Mischief and villainy to be organised with like minded pals but there was something missing. He was at the age where his sex drive was kicking in, he seemed to be constantly hard and needed to jerk of two, even three or four times a day. Even as he lay there lost in his thoughts he was getting hard, the famous lazy lob nestled in his boxers and he idly scratched his heavy balls as he gazed at the ceiling.The house was empty, the rents were working, Malcolm was tutoring someone somewhere and he had the house to himself apart from his kid bro, the annoying and preteen panty pix totally numb nutted Dewey. Dewey was in the bath playing with his rubber duck and water pistol no doubt otherwise Reese would have floppped out the meat and started jerking. It wasn't as if the three brothers didn't know what was what, Dewey had to be aware that his older siblings preteensex 12yo stroked the salami now and then but nude underage preteens it was something that preteen model following was studiously avoided by all three, sex preteen model nonude and solo sex was something to be joked about now and then but not discussed seriously.Reese felt a bit out of it, Malcolm now seemed to tutor far more girls than boys and even had an on and off russian preteen blowjobs girlfriend, Dewey had his comics and his fantasies, he had only himself and what seemed to be a complete summer of absolute boredom to look forward to. He'd had a pal from the next block called Joe and had really thought that Joe illegal preteen nympho was going to make a move on him at one time and you know what sort of move. It had never happened and Reese was pissed, he'd liked naked preteenz models Joe, he'd seen him in 3d comics preteen the showers at school and really thought they could have made sweet music together. Joe wasn't a jock or a stud just a willowy swimmer and Reese was in love for around a month, in the end Joe had moved house and moved school... the non romance was over.'What you doing here?' Dewey spoke in his squeaky voice and hovered at the doorway. Reese didn't look at him, he just gazed at the tiny skinny preteens ceiling. Just what he didn't need, super irritant jumping around the place on a hot and preteen fucking nymphets sunny afternoon.'I live preteen beaver here, Dewdrop,' he explained patiently. 'I'm your brother, remember.''Yeah, yeah,' Dewey scampered across the room to his area, the one knee deep in discarded elwebbs nymphets preteens toys, briefs and stale socks. If Reese and Malcolm were untidy Dewey had it down to a fine art. 'Going out?''No, I'm tired.''You're always tired,' Dewey giggled and Reese glanced across, he pregnat preteens had the thought to jump across the preteen 14 fucking room and beat the kid up or torture him but he was too tired. Dewey had his back turned and Reese watched mesmerised as the small boy shed his bathrobe and hastily clambered into a pair of clean briefs. 16yo nude preteen Tight, white and emblazoned with a Spiderman sexy preteen supermodels that covered Dewey's tight little butt.'They're on the wrong way around,' Reese snickered. 'Spidey's supposed to cover your bits not your asshole.''Shurrup,' Dewey squealed and looked around red preteen angel model faced. 'You ain't supposed to be watching, pervo.''What lsm preteen incest did you call me?' Reese demanded threateningly staring at the little boy as Dewey quickly dropped his briefs and turned them around preteen model homepages so that Spidey should be in the correct spot. Of course he got another flash of Dewey's naked butt, beautifully smooth white orbs with the delicate crack promising a hidden heaven. He felt his penis harden in his scruffy jeans and looked at Dewey with slightly different eyes... well, the same eyes but a different view of things. 'What did you call me?' He demanded again.'Ah... nothing,' Dewey looked at him nervously pulling on a pair of blue shorts over his whities. 'Sorry, handsome,' he giggled preteen nonude insest and flopped onto his bed laying on his belly and casually flipping over the pages of an old comic.'Right, apology accepted,' Reese went back to studying the ceiling but his heart wasn't in gallery preteen jailbait it. How come he hadn't noticed before? He asked himself. Kid bro Dewey was fuckin' awesome, a well built little preteen bbs cp lad with a butt to die for... and the house was empty.He wriggled around on his bed, his penis was trapped within his boxers and his jeans but it preteen photography bbs was so hard. Should he go to the bathroom and jerk or shouldn't he. He glanced across at Dewey where the boy was engrossed in his comic. Reese studied the back of the blue shorts and thought what a waste of a butt on a sunny afternoon. Purely on impulse he sat up and silently slid from his bed. Padding across the room he gently sat on the edge of Dewey's.'What's up, what's naked preteen lotias up?' Dewey squealed in a panic but Reese placed the flat on his hand onto Dewey's back and slowly stroked the kid between the shoulder blades as he would with a dog or a cat.'Nothing, Dewdrop. Can't a big bro be friendly every once in a while.''Makes a change from murderous,' Dewey giggled and wriggled just a little. 'That's nice,' he squirmed as Reese's fingers drifted across his narrow shoulders and then skittered up and down his nobbly spine. 'Mmmmm...' Dewey enjoyed the light pressure and movement although he was expecting Reese to revert to normal and nip or pinch him but it never happened.Suddenly he froze. One of Reese's hands preteen head had settled russian preteens movie on his blue shorts and gently squeezed one bun and then fucking young preteens the other, he clenched automatically but Reese's hand moved back squeezing and fondling his waist. He relaxed again and then he saw light at the end of the tunnel... Reese was sexed up and there was only one way to bad gir lpreteens deal with this.Dewey did a quick shuffle around and he was laying flat on his back smiling cheerily up at his big brother, his big horny brother. 'I caught Malcolm jerking off the other day,' he declared with a big grin.'Really,' Reese replied. He couldn't have cared less about Malcolm's dirty little secrets, he was enjoying Dewey. preteen jeans forum He was seeing him in a completely new light... not as a nuisance kid brother but as a boy, a beautiful little boy. 'So...?' preteen exposed thong His fingers traced up Dewey's smooth stomach and played across his almost non existent nipples. 'So what?' His fingers began to travel down Dewey's belly again. Jesus... he was getting harder and harder and now he could feel dampness within his boxers. He had either to make a break for the bathroom or make a break for Dewey.'Yeah,' Dewey chortled. 'He was dead embarassed.''I expect he was,' Reese smiled. 'Turn over Dewey, please.' Dewey noticed that the rather insulting Dewdrop had gone and Reese's voice had dropped to a croak, things were about to happen.Dewey preteen teenage boy was suddenly nervous, he rolled over onto his belly however and prepared himself. He was now absolutely certain that Reese was going to go for it, it was his job to make sure that his nutty and sometimes maniacal brother didn't go over the top. 'Take it easy, Reese,' he muttered and lay there silently, this time there was no comic reading, he wanted to savour and nonnude preteen asians concentrate on what his surprisingly gentle older brother was upto. He soon found out.This time Reese's hands preteen models dark roamed up and down Dewey's thin legs for the briefest time and then they ran under the hem of the shorts and Dewey groaned as he felt strong hands clasp his butt through the thin material of his briefs preteen kids nude and mould and squeeze. Reese jiggled the fleshy little handfuls around like ripe fruits, finally slipping his hands free for a moment and then sliding them exotic young preteen under the tight whities clasping the warm white bubbles in the flesh.'Aaaah,' Dewey moaned and wriggled, preteen boy japanese it was uncomfortable as the stretched cotton was crushing his own stiff boy cock and nuts but it didn't last. Suddenly he felt Reese's lips on his back and then up onto his shoulders kissing and lapping. Reese's hands were busy also, they hooked the top of the shorts and slowly pulled them down clear of the delicate white clad buns.'Beautiful,' Reese breathed as he disposed of the shorts and gazed at Dewey's slim and preteen models banana tiny body naked other than the briefs spread on the bed as if for his personal pleasure as it indeed was. Dewey was going with the flow, he knew what he wanted, he wanted Reese.'Dewey giggled into his pillow, he laika preteen model wriggled his little butt knowing that he was driving his brother wild. 'Go on, you know you want to.'Reese reacted slightly differently to what Dewey was expecting, he clambered onto the bed and hugging Dewey nude preteens photo began to passionately kiss the boy around the neck and shoulders and at the same time remove the briefs leaving the child fully naked. 'Gawd...' locker room preteen Reese moaned and stretching Dewey out onto his belly kissed down his slender body covering the sweet dark board preteen butt with wet kisses and finally gently running his nymphets ukraine preteen tongue up and down the boy's tightly clenched cleft. 'Relax, Dewey... please.'Dewey struggled around to face his brother but Reese's head dropped again and after kissing and lapping at Dewey's litle outie took the boy's preteen models toplist jerking spike in one swallow. Dewy almost fainted, the remarkable change from Reese as a slightly retarded savage to a gentle lover was absolutely mind boggling but Dewey knew which facet of his brother he preferred.'Reese,' he moaned preteen site password pumping into his preteen bikine video brothers wet warmth. 'Get naked,' he hissed suddenly eager to see Reese fully unclothed. He'd always sneaked peeps at Reese as he had a far better body than Malcolm, this time he had an empty house and a sex mad brother all to himself. He was going to make the most of it... he knew what Reese wanted, what Reese needed and he was going to fulfill that need. 'Get naked,' he screwed his body up into a foetal position and stared at his bigger brother. 'I wanna see you nude before we do....' He tailed off.'OK,' Reese didn't revert to type. He stood with a lazy grin on his handsome face preteen nudes lingerie and tore off his grubby tee and shed his jeans and socks, standing for a moment in russian preteen nymphette his boxers he grinned at Dewey's open mouthed look and slowly peeled his boxer's down exposing his six and a half inches of solid boyflesh rigid as a pike with his glans shiny with precum. 'Satisfied now?''Oh yeah,' Dewey sighed and stretched zep imgboard preteen himself out again with his three inch noodle jutting onto his gently rounded belly. He'd known that black preteens gallery Reese was far bigger than Malcolm but he'd never seen Reese fully erect, the thing looked like a battering ram, he iligal preteen pics could even see the blue veins preteen teenies run down the jutting weapon. He felt his mouth go dry, he was scared and trying not to show it. He wanted Reese, he wanted that thing between his legs and by hook or by crook he was going to have it.'I gotta stop calling you Dewey and start calling you Lover Boi,' Reese whispered and crouching above Dewey gently kissed him fully on the lips for the very first time.'Not yet you haven't,' Dewey grinned as Reese's body pressed against him and he wrapped his legs around the preteen boy picture older boy. The heat and the hardness of Reese's fully extended organ pressing against his own was mindblowing, he even felt the smear of Reese's natural lube on his belly.Dewey's little heart beat so hard in his preteen pussie pics chest he thought it would burst, he'd always liked Reese in spite of his nutty ways and now that his handsome brother was actually about to take him he felt nn panty preteen like he was being dragded to heaven before his time. As he stroked Reese's firm and muscular body and as he returned the fluttery kisses he felt his legs being parted and Reese's lips began to kiss downwards once more.'Don't hurt me, Reese,' Dewey's voice quavered, he knew the time had come.'Never,' Reese web cam preteen promised him and for the first time for many moons Dewey actually believed him. Reese's mouth was on his cock and his nuts briefly and then Dewey felt warm breath and heat at his actual asshole. Reese was licking and lapping at his pucker. He squirmed and wriggled as Reese sucked and prodded with his tongue and finally the soft jerk preteen icest as a stiff finger parted his ring and began to explore his insides.'Oh, my Gawd,' Dewey warbled. Wait till he told his pals at school. Two of them reckoned they had older brothers topped them, now preteen incest thumbs it was his turn to be the hero. Their brothers and he'd seen them couldn't even begin preteen natasha naked to compare with the handsome and exceedingly well built Reese... well, he was well built were it counted. 'Oh, oh...' Dewey trembled, hot top preteen Reese's finger had slid free and now two were inside stetching and easing that important little muscle.'So tight,' Reese preteen nude links breathed. 'So beautiful,' his head ducked as he took Dewey's bella nude preteen jerking three inches into his mouth and preteen bodies beauiful slowly worked his fingers to and fro inside the boy's warm gut.'Use some slippery,' Dewey suddenly realised Reese still needed help with the mental processes. 'There's some stuff in the bathroom.''Aw, hell,' Reese reverted to normal for a moment nn preteen archives but carefully slipped his fingers free and bounding to his feet and jailbait preteen girls raced for the bathroom. Dewey lay back and sighed, his bum felt loose and slippery but he wasn't taking any chances, someone needed to keep 100top preteen models a cool head alt sex preteens around here.'Here we go,' Reese galloped into the room with his jerking cock swinging to and fro like a battering ram. He scooped a fingerload of the white cream from the pot and back in position smeared it between Dewey's xxx preteen jpg cheeks and then inserted his two fingers back sexy preteens child inside his brother's gut. Dewey sighed contentedly, that was so much better, he litttle girls preteens groaned as he felt Reese's fingers move in preteen webcam forum and out in preteen naked pic a circular movement, Reese wasn't that dumb after all.Suddenly the moment of truth was on them. Reese gently turned his smaller brother onto his belly again and spreading Dewey's thin legs peered into the boy's crack staring at the kid's well oiled little boy fanny. It looked delicious and inviting and this was his first time, he just hoped it was Dewey's first time as well, a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled after all.Coating his raging hardon with a generous coating of the white stuff Reese slowly lovered his hips, he flinched as his slippery prong parted Dewey's soft bubbles of flesh and paused at the pucker. A gentle prod brought a small moan from the boy and then Reese pushed harder. He held his breath as he felt Dewey tense up and then the initial yielding, he could feel Dewey's circular muscle opening, he could feel the beginning of heat and suddenly he felt an almost audible give. He was in Dewey. He felt the boy's firm flesh surround the end of his penis and he heard Dewey groan.'Relax, lover,' he toppreteen bent over the boy and whispered.'Keep it slow,' Dewey pleaded but Reese felt Dewey's muscles relax. A couple of gentle moves and he felt more of his cock inside his brother. The heat and the tighness were incredible and japanese preteen naturism black preteen pics Dewey's little moans were a hell of a turnon.'Come onto youre side,' Reese turned taking the boy with him and grasped the kid's soft cock with one oiled hand soon bringing it back to it's original stiffness.'That's better,' Dewey giggled preteens pay site much to Reese's surprise and reaching back stroked Reese's thighs. 'Nice and slow,' he slurred.Reese did as he was told, so near and yet so far, he didn't want to fuck up now, he had enough fuck ups in his life. He wanted to get his whole six preteen sex alt and a half into Dewey's slender little body and give the boy a first fucking to remember, in fact, a first fuck for them both to remember. A sudden idea, he'd seen this one in a book somewhere.'Keep it in and come ontop,' he whispered to his brother. 'You can control things then,''Yeah,' Dewey sounded disbelieveing.'Yeah, come on,' Reese got onto poland preteen models his back still inserted half in and half out and dragged Dewey so that he was ontop, he then coaxed the boy into a squat and holding Dewey's soft flanks stared to bob the boy up and down. Dewey giggled but he'd got it. He started to move up and down taking more and more of Reese's turgid meat at every down. 'Oh, preteen modeling underware my Gawd,' I've gone to heaven,' Reecse moaned as he felt his little brother's body sink lower and lower covering his hot cock with tight flesh.'Ouch...' Dewey froze and silently settled onto Reese's soft immature punics. 'How's that?' He squirmed around fully aware that he had Reese's solid six and a half inches of hot boy flesh deep in his belly but it wasn't over yet.'Brilliant,' Reese grinned at Dewey's sweat soaked back and ran his hands up and over the boy's slender hips.'Going on our sides again,' Dewey asked settling even further onto his own internal heat source.'No,' Reese took a little prod upwards and Dewey snickered. 'Keep sitting on it and spin around to face me, I wanna look at you as we do it.''Great,' Dewey laughed. He wanted to see Reese's face when he cum, when he squirted and splurted, the ultimate... his now fully favourite brother giving his all. They carefully carried out the maneuver until the grinning Dewey was gazing down at Reese and Reese was smiling back up.'Love you little preteen nude underground brother,' Reese held Dewey's hips and started to move up and into the boy's warmth and Dewey began to move up and down.'Liar,' Dewey giggled and moved faster, this was great he was now doing about about a two inch up and hot preteens girls down and he was comfortable with that, preteens hardcore free in fact, he was loving it. Reese was so solid and so warm and as he pressed his knees against Reese's side he felt beauty for preteens as if he was having about a skinny preteens bbs dozen birthdays all at once. 'Yeah, yeah,' he began to chant as he lifted himself higher each time plunging downward and savouring the hot flesh slide in and out through his well stretched ring.'Stay on me tight,' preteen clip free Reese ordered. His nuts were uptight, he didn't have long to go blog preteen jpg and he was preteen boys pix going to finish with a bang.'Why?''Please Dewey.''OK,' Dewy sat on Reese's pubics and wriggled little preteens russian his bottom feeling the mass in his gut but suddenly he was on his side and Reese was moving again. Suddenly Dewey was on his back and his legs were in the preteen video sluts air. Reese was above him and Reese was in charge. 'Aw... Jeez,' Dewey whimpered.'Put your legs around me,' Reese advised gently and settle himself into his younger brother. I gave a couple of gentle prods and the moved himelf in a circular movement feeling his cock reach every corner of Dewey's belly.'Oh, my Gawd,' Dewey looked up at Reece and smiled softly. 'Don't hurt me Reece.''Never, never, never,' Reece began to move in and out of his kid brother. This was show time.Dewey relaxed if one could relax with your now favourite brother gently fucking you. Reece was literally gliding in and out of his little brother and Dewey could feel every inch, every vein, every thick throbbing ounce of hot cock slipping in and out of his gut. Each move ended with the faintest of preteen 15 pussy jolts and he skinny preteen nude stroked Reese's tightly muscled belly as the bigger boy moved in and out. 'I could get to like this Reese,' he reached out and grabbed Reese's moving hips and pulled himself onto the thrusts. 'Harder,' he growled. Reese smiled and free bbs preteen moved faster.Dewey grabbed his own jerking cock and began to wank the oily spike staring at Reese all the while until Reese's lips came down onto his and the lazy slaps became a rapid and lustful shag. 'Yes, lesbian preteen games yes,' yes,' Dewey gabbled as he felt Reeses' hardness seem to swell and then as Reese slammed in for the last time the throbbing and the pumping as Reese seemed to squirt and splatter streamer after streamer of red hot spunk into the tight and tender passage. 'Ooooooh... Reese,' Dewey let his legs slip as he squirmed on Reese's final strokes and then clamped his battered and puffy sphincter on Reese's slowly withdrawn cock. 'Jeeeez...' Dewey gazed up at preteen masturbation fotos Reese with shock and awe. 'You cum gallons... I can feel it,' he giggled shoving his shorts between his buns and clamping tightly.'I haven't finished yet,' Reece smiled tenderly and ducked his head for the last time onto Dewey's twitching erection. Jiggling the boy's small balls he preteen forum sucked and slobbered until he got his reward. Dewey gave a squeak and his hips thrust up as he offloaded two watery squirts of his young cum into his brothers avidly swallowing maw. 'Tasty,' Reese grinned swallowing and laying down softly kissed his kid brother on the cheek.'We preteen models erotic got to do that again,' Dewey looked past Reece for a moment and then putting his hands either side of Reece's face kissed him long and hard on the lips. 'If Malcolm walked in he'd want his share,' he said quietly.'I think you're full up, Lover Boi,' Reece laughed. 'He'd have to settle for preteen models free me.''Excellent,' Malcolm laughed and knelt on the bed. THAT'S IT
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